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The 18m articulated Sileo S18 e-bus is impressive in daily local service. Its high-performance electric drive system allows for a long range and has an above-average recuperation rate, with around 75% of the kinetic energy being fed back into the batteries.

Electric drive with 337kWh total capacity
The single cell loading battery system (SCL) is the core of the drive train. The battery management system monitors and controls several hundred individual cells with a total capacity of up to 346kWh. These power two electric motors on each of the twodriven axles and guarantee a range of up to 337km.

Charging technology specifically designed for the SCL battery system ensures the reliable charging of the traction batteries.

Sileo E-Bus S18 - 18 m Length
Sileo E-Bus S18 - 337 kWh Battery Capacity
Sileo E-Bus S18 - up to 400 km Electrical Range
Sileo E-Bus S18 - max. 136 Passengers
Sileo E-Bus S18 - 79 km/h Top Speed
Sileo E-Bus S18 - 100% Electric

Service Point

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Technical Specification

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Traction battery337 kWh lithium iron phosphate
Specific energy consumption1,1 – 1,3 kWh/km
Charging timeFrom 4 h to 10 h, depending on the battery capacity and the available connection power
Charging powerUp to 80 kW (Mobile standard charging devices)
Up to 180 kW (Dynamic Charge Matrix, DCM)
Input voltage400 VAC
Electrical rangeUp to 300 km 
Top speed79 km/h 
HVAC-systemHeat pump (electrical heating and cooling)
PreconditioningOptional (fossil or electrical)
Maximum output120 kW per traction motor / 480 kW in total
Maximum torque21,000 Nm
Battery voltage500 to 700 V
Service brake systemWABCO EBS3, regenerative braking
Passenger doors3 (or on request 4) electric twin doors
Vehicle length18,300 mm
Vehicle width2,550 mm
Vehicle height3,213 mm
Passenger capacity55 seated and 81 standing*
Gross total weight29,000 kg
Front axle (1. axle)ZF RL 82 EC (single wheel suspension)
Drive axle (2. and 3. axle)ZF AVE 130 (electric portal axle)
Tyre size275/70 R22,5
SteeringZF 8098 Servocom

*depending on configuration

Please find further technical information on the S18 e-bus in our Technical Specification.